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Imagination: A Mystical Technology

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Whether your current reality is exhilarating and inspiring, or depressing and hopeless; we are called to move forward, create something new. How do you do it? Engage your imagination.

We all are born with endless hopes and dreams. We are also given an imagination, or an ability to envision images and concepts of things not actually present to the senses. For many, this gift to create something from nothing has been snuffed out, being dismissed as childish or make-believe; leaving us living unfulfilling lives.

What would your life be like if you embraced your imagination as a technology from God to create things the world has not seen? To live the life of your dreams? To fulfill your God-given potential?

Dr. Jimmie Reed teaches the power of this gift and how to use this powerful resource to get unstuck, increase your hope, and move into your destiny.

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