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Destiny: The Other Side of Through

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“Destiny: The Other Side of Through” can help you discover powerful secrets to managing what appears to be reroutes to your destiny that are actually opportunities disguised as crises. The stories and teachings in this anthology will inspire you to recognize your true north, your place and position of optimal purpose and effective functioning. This work is designed to empower you to act on the dreams God has given you—to be, do and have what He has always destined for you. This book will remind you of the most important truth you can discover about yourself is that you are a Designer original, endowed with purpose and destiny which inspired God to create you. In spite of the circumstances in which you were born, or the life battles you have to fought, the best version of yourself is still emerging. The Lord is testing your character like He did Joseph’s in the Bible, until the time came to fulfill his dreams (Psalm 105:19). “Destiny: The Other Side of Through” is a synergistic work of writers inspired to scribe an anthology about purpose and destiny. It is an integrated, Kingdom of God, principle-centered approach to thriving in your journey on the road to destiny.

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